SkiJor Fundraiser - Thank you for everyone who helped make our Fundraiser a success!!
Mark your calendars, we're coming back!  
Jan 23-Jan 24 2021 


Skijor Pagosa is an adventure competition where horse and rider pull a skier as fast as possible through an obstacle course of jumps, gates and rings.  Skijoring combines Pagosa Country's finest skiing heritage with its cowboy roots creating a fast and curious spectator's event.  Participants compete for cash and prizes based on the fastest times.  More excitingly, our Skis and Saddles Event will be a great reason to get outside and enjoy southern Colorado's best kept secret while hanging out with great friends and family.

We are a small volunteer board of committed locals and business owners who want to see Pagosa and it's business' enjoy the best our winter season can offer.  This exhilarating sport combines skiing and horsemanship and has been around over a one hundred years.  Pagosa County SkiJor is collaborating with Pagosa Springs Chamber Commerce Winterfest 2021


Stay tuned for 2021.  

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